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Directed by Dennis Dugan. With Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, Nicole Kidman.


An interesting story about two people, who didn’t have feelings for each other, but thanks to amazing circumstances, even more amusing people and more they started to feel something more.

Amazing movie

Check out the locations where the movie was filmed

Amazing moments

The beginnings

The story of a young plastic surgeon who had all, then lost it and decided to get even more, finally.

The talk

Probably the main part of the movie when the two characters discuss their new ‘’business’’ and find solutions to new problems that have emerged.

Revealing the emotions

Last art of the movie, when the actors finally realize that they already have what they have been looking for. It is a game changing situation that impressed all of us.

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The Inya Rose vibrator is going VIRAL on Social Media! Here’s why…

We know it could be annoying to see every social media get flooded with the same thing over n over again! The Inya rose sex toy has taken social media by storm. Gaining tens of millions of views, this particular toy has undoubtedly made its mark on its users. I recently found a clip that has garnered over 3.9 million views. In it, the girl testifies that this rose sex toy got her off to an “earth-shattering” orgasm in less than 30 seconds! With a simple search, you can find similarly enthusiastic videos under the hashtags #TheRoseToy and #TheRoseReview.


First Impressions?

My initial reaction to justify this was to shower the compliments on the brand’s marketing aesthetics and toy design. Having a rose-shaped sex toy indeed appeals to the romantic side of the user and is thus a perfect gift toy. However, after tinkering with it for the last week, I realized the design is perhaps one of the least essential facets of this fantastic invention.


Let’s get inside the mantle now!

Enough about the design now. In reality, it’s this tiny beast’s elegant and unassuming power that has got people talking about it. If you scan the market, you will find numerous brands (some pretty renowned ones) launching their iterations of the Inya Rose vibrator, but none could challenge its fame. As expected, the one I wanted to try out was the actual one— the Inya Rose vibrator. This cute toy looks like a stemless rose, with a fingertip-sized hole in the middle of the petals that cups your clitoris and sucks on it.


Modest in size and made of body-safe silicone, the Rose Sex Toy has seven suction modes:

  • Three of them provide continuous clitoral stimulation at different levels.
  • The other four modes vibrate or use suction in different patterns and rhythms.

So depending on your interest, you can change the modes whenever you want. This is really helpful for people who get bored quickly. With these different modes, you can surely bid farewell to those tiring monotonic sessions with your old vibrators.

Furthermore, all these modes can be controlled through just one single button. To be honest, this is a bit tricky in the initial days, but after you get the hang of it, you can easily switch between modes and get off within seconds.


I’m not the biggest fan of continuous stimulations, so I used the patterned modes on the highest vibration level. And God, it is powerful! Comparing it to the rumble of the Magic Wand would be unjust owing to its small size but trust me, it will vibrate your clitoris like never before. Almost immediately, my vaginal muscles started contracting (yea, I get mini orgasms before the massive one!), and I ended up ruining my sheets in no time. Not that I’m complaining!


Alright, great product. But is it worth the insane hype?

To see if the toy actually lived up to the “30 seconds orgasm” claims made on TikTok, I tried it again while timing myself with my phone. It didn’t really throw me off the edge in 30 seconds; however, the Rose Sex Toy did crown itself within a minute. I had a thundering orgasm at the 50th second… and another one after a minute… and another one after 30 seconds. In total, I had 3 mind-blowing orgasms within 3 minutes, which is commendable. There have been only 3 toys that have given me such quick orgasms, and the Inya Rose sex toy is undoubtedly one of them.


In all fairness, I’m a big fan of suction toys. Other suction toys like the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Womanizer have also gotten me off quickly. Satisfyer Pro 2 even got me multiple orgasms in a minute, but even within the suction vibrator family, I’d have to say the rose sex toy is the most efficient. It is a queen at delivering multiple climaxes within short time intervals. I’m not sure if it is the patterns of suction or the small ergonomic design, but the rose sex toy is a class above everyone in terms of the results one gets through it.

My Verdict

I can’t speak about anyone else. But if we’re talking about the Inya Rose Vibrator found here, I’d ABSOLUTELY recommend it. The Inya rose toy can become addictive, especially if you enjoy using suctions toys on your clit.

So if you’re looking for a powerful sex toy that sucks the soul out of you while looking like an innocent decoration, this is your best bet. You can literally sneak it in anywhere with you and get some insane moments of pleasure without anyone batting an eyelid. Getting ideas? Yup, I did all that and I know you want to do it too. So yea, go grab your rose sex toy right now!