Amongst the Kratom strains, one that has found consistent fan base is the Vietnam Kratom. While Vietnam has been growing Kratom for a long time, only recently it penetrated commercial Kratom market. Vietnam Kratom strains are known for their unique effects and benefits.

Effects of Kratom Vietnam are highly influenced by their Vein type.

  • White Vein: Energy booster
  • Yellow Vein: Pain Reliving and Sedating
  • Green Vein: Quick energy booster with Relaxation and mild pain relief.

Red Vietnam Kratom on the other hand is considered a more balance and potent combination among the three. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand various characteristics of Red Vietnam Kratom.

What is Red Vietnam Kratom

Red Vein Vietnam Kratom is one strain of Mitragyna speciosa that grows along the Mekong River in Southwest Vietnam. With its relatively uncommon effects, it has become highly coveted and one of the top sellers Red Veined Kratom. Vietnam Red Kratom contains more than 25 unique alkaloids, including the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine which works on multiple receptors in the brain.

Red Vietnam Kratom Effects and Benefits

  • There is a reason why Red Vein Vietnam is most in demand. It has a number of unique benefits but before we move forward to this it is important to understand that the effects may vary depending on dosage and personal sensitivity.
  • It is best to use as pain killers
  • Red Vietnam Vein Kratom is known for providing motivation and clarity to mind. Since Kratom is a bit of a nootropic botanical, this strain is a worthy addition to one’s schedule when cramming for exams or planning out a work project. Many students and academics have embraced this Kratom for the same reason.
  • Like all strains of Kratom, Red Vietnam is also an energizer, making the individual stress free and more active. Thus, providing tranquillity and repose plus no lethargic response.
  • Vietnam Red Vein Kratom is great stimulant and at certain dosage levels, it is extremely useful to those who are into endurance sports and prolonged workouts.
  • It works super-fast compared to other strain
  • It’s the perfect mood lifter with its aroma and sweet taste. Many users have commented on its soothing effects especially when the stomach is queasy. Along with its fragrance it is almost akin to essential oils in tranquillity. Ensuring restful sleep and general sense of well being

Red Vietnam Kratom Dosage

As with all Kratom, one should always start out in low doses and then work way up. It is important not to overload especially the first time since it can lead to negative side effects. Make sure to understand the product, its effects and take it easy.  Although every Kratom is all-natural, it is nevertheless potent and potentially dangerous.

For the best results, one should always start at the threshold and gradually increase their gram amount as they adjust to its aroma. The following is a general dosage guideline:

  • Threshold – 1.5-2 grams
  • Low—2-3 grams
  • Moderate—3-5 grams
  • High—6-8 grams

A responsible dosage consists of no more than 5 grams in one sitting for a seasoned Kratom user who has become accustomed to that strain.

How long can Red Vietnam Kratom last?

Most of the Kratom users are surprised by the long-lasting effect of Vietnam Red Vein. Some have said that it has outlasted the ever-popular Maeng Da, with a duration of no less than six hours and a likelihood of residual effects extending as long as seven or eight hours. The most promising thing, it usually doesn’t have any undesirable comedown. When its aroma has diminished one is left feeling satisfied and replenished. No headache. No nausea.

Red Vietnam Kratom Vs. Red Bali

One of the oldest and famous Vein Red Kratom is the Red Bali Kratom, often considered as a benchmark in the evaluation of other strains. Both have common benefits. Like Vietnam Kratom, Bali is known for its delicate boost, its mild relief and its waves of balanced exhilaration.

Unlike Bali, however, Kratom Red Vein Vietnam tantalizing mouthfeel and pleasant smell making it ideal in powder form. While Bali strains typically bear a black tea-like fragrance, Vietnam strains usually have a sweet and earthy aroma. It is much sweeter and mellifluous in taste. Even the best strain Maeng Da loses to Vietnam Red Vein on aroma and taste.

Any new alternative?

While there has always been Red Bali and many others in the Vein Red Kratom category, one that has recently gained a lot of positive response is Riau Red Kratom. Similar to the Vietnam one in many different ways, many reviews it to be substantially stronger than most forms of Vein Red Kratom.

What is the future of the Red Vietnam Kratom?

It is quite ironic that Kratom is illegal in Vietnam. Even though its growing popularity means more trade, legal restrictions may be heavy obstacles.

While some say it’s not legal only to consume, many complain that it has been made entirely illegal. Such controversies and ambiguities mean less variety of Vietnam Kratom reaches the consumer.

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