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Laughter, emotions and so much more

The main plot

Adam Sandler is a plastic surgeon who has money, has style but he doesn’t care about love. This all changes when he meets a beautiful math teacher. The only problem is the wedding ring. He never said anything about it, meaning that his loved one soon realized he was married. In order to make her wrong, he must jump through hoops and so much more.

The second part of the movie

Although Adam Sandler and the math teacher are known as the right couple in the movie, this changes. Brooklyn Decker is beautiful, sexy and cute. At the same time Jennifer Aniston is much older and has 2 children from the previous marriage. But, there is something special in the relationship between the two. Sandler realizes that and in the end he makes a right choice. This can be deduced as the best part of the movie and the end we all hoped for to see. Add the fact that the movie is happening in a luxury and exotic island and you can get a complete idea about the true nature of movie, true capabilities and so much more.

Here you can see the best scenes from the movie